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The Network

The success of PC Helpers is based on the knowledge that hundreds of small business owners and home office users require prompt, on site IT service and attention. The goal - to work with customers to offer and design solutions for their IT and communication problems.

The PC Helpers network of licensees means that customers are not dependant on just one person - they still have the advantages of working with someone local who wants to satisfy their customer requirements quickly and cost effectively; yet has access to the wide range of skills and abilities provided by the integrated PC Helpers network of licensees via our licensee tools.

Operations, Products & Services

A full compliment of computer and related services are aimed at business owners, home office users and private home users. Licensees primarily provide onsite services to satisfy the needs of this market, which include, but are not limited to:

o Onsite hardware setup and support
o Onsite hardware troubleshooting
o Independent advice (onsite or by phone)
o Onsite Internet and Email set up and advice
o Onsite networking (licensees can supply hardware)
o Onsite regular cleaning and maintenance
o Onsite software set up and support
o Onsite software troubleshooting
o Onsite training and assistance

PC Helpers licensees are not bound to what services they can or cannot provide – PC Helpers licensees usually carry their own limited stock of hardware (ADSL modems, wireless routers, RAM, hard drives, monitors, etc) – licensees are not bound to sell at any specified prices.

The demographics of the licensed area means you will be provided with direct leads from your licensed zone – leads generated for unlicensed areas will be provided to the closest licensee. Being predominantly based in regional areas, we have many unlicensed country areas which will generate additional leads for you (for either yourself or a subcontractor to complete).

A fully developed website has been developed and promotes both online service requests, and access to a centralized number – always to be answered by a receptionist that will handle the call and Email through service job requests to individual licensees. PC Helpers has established relationships with major IT distributors covering all major technology brands.

The Customer

The target market is small business, home office and private users, with the 35+ age group  holding the lion’s share of the market.

Businesses can either be provided account facilities by individual licensees, or our experience has seen that sales are generally cash or COD – some licensees choose to get a mobile EFTPOS machine.


Our brand name is very specific, and obviously very identifiable. Our predominant brand name is used consistently on all stationary, including licensee business cards, our website, advertisements, etc.

PC Helpers merchandise and branding is assisted by the continual appearance of “Eddy” – our PC Helpers ambassador!

We have a range of PC Helpers merchandise that comes with your opening package which includes mouse mats, branded shirts, branded polar fleece vests, brochures, and introductory business cards.

Our opening package also includes a fully funded advertising campaign in your area – these marketing efforts can involve advertising in local newspapers, radio (both commercial and community stations), group entry in the Yellow Pages and we rely significantly on mailbox drops to licensed areas.

We also anticipate regular press releases to community newspapers to gain additional exposure to the PC Helpers brand name.

Our very modern and user friendly website has been search engine optimized, and hosted on a very identifiable address at Unlimited Email addresses can be provided to licensees on the PC Helpers domain name, which features both POP3 and webmail access.


As an onsite service based network, PC Helpers does not require shop fronts – this makes your operating costs less as you can be based from home. Provided you have your own reliable transport, Email address, a phone, your own billing system for your accounting, great communication skills and expertise in the IT Support industry you are bound to make a great PC Helper.

Whilst PC Helpers aims to generate as many leads as possible for licensees, individual licensees operating under the PC Helpers brand name are still responsible for as much growth as possible - as a further option, full sign written car artwork designs can be provided to gain additional exposure.

Management & Staff

Joining the PC Helpers network, you are running your own business – you can run your business on your own or utilize sub contractors to leverage the profitability of the business.

Business, marketing and technical advice can be provided at any time at no further charge to licensees.

The Investment

A key part to the success of your territory will be your 100% investment of time and energy. We are in this together - the more successful your business is, the more happy customers we all have.

The investment is made up of three components:

1. An upfront purchase price (price dependant on population of area).

2. A monthly network fee invoiced to you, used towards ongoing “group” advertising (i.e. mailbox drops, newspaper and Yellow Pages).

3. Some additional individual funds (up to your discretion for additional marketing activity you may want to undertake) needs to be kept in mind. All template artwork can be provided to you for your own ongoing promotions. At any time we can supply (within 14 working days) any of the already designed varios styles business cards in various - 50% introductory discount, next service free card, referral cards, etc - at our suppliers cost price.

Additional items can be purchased at any time via the Licensees Online Portal - clothing, mouse mats, pens, stress balls and much more.

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